Back of House Services

Kitchen Deep-Cleaning

The Service Companies kitchen deep-cleaning team recognizes the vital importance of meeting and exceeding Health Department codes and maintaining those standards at all times. The health and well being of your employees and clients, as well as the success of your business, hinges upon this.


When running a busy, bustling kitchen, it is essential to have a reliable stewarding team working side-by-side to support your kitchen personnel and keep it clean and orderly. Our expert stewarding services department, with our proprietary model will make sure that your staff has the equipment that they need, when they need it, without getting in the way and keeping your costs in check.

Floor Care

Whether your floors are marble, tile, wood, carpet, vinyl or concrete, we'll make sure that they look their very best. The Service Companies are the leaders in floor care for the hospitality industry -- our results prove it. We've spent years honing our technique and spend hours training our staff in the best ways to care for any type of flooring.

Marble Floor Care and Restoration

The Service Companies specialize in the care and restoration of marble floors. Our team of experts will repair any damaged marble via our three step restoration process: diamond grinding, sealant application and buffing -- guaranteeing a shine that mirrors the marble's original luster. For each property, we start off with a full assessment of the floor types to determine a floor schedule and equipment needs, while working with Ecolab to spec out the right chemicals and cleaning processes for all surfaces. To maintain the sheen, we polish the marble every day using either natural polish, crystallization or vitrification materials according to your preference and exacting standards.

Grounds and Landscaping Services

The first impression your guests will have of your property occurs before they ever walk through the front door. That is why our expert grounds keeping and landscaping teams are a crucial part of what we do.

Laundry Management and Ownership

Ask any Housekeeping Director and they'll tell you that effective laundry management is a key factor to ensure housekeeping runs well. The Service Companies will manage your laundry and linen contracting service or on-site facility, making sure to maintain the appropriate inventory levels from day-to-day, week-to-week. We also manage and own off-site laundry facilities throughout the country.

Valet and Parking Services

Nothing makes a better impression on your guests than a well-managed parking service and valet staff. Usually, the first interaction that a guest encounters at your property is with one of these highly skilled employees. With the The Service Companies Valet team, rest assured the first impression will be positive.