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The Service Companies, through our Food & Beverage and Hospitality Staffing division, is the premier provider of trained food and beverage hospitality staff in the nation to casinos, hotels, stadiums and arenas, corporate dining facilities, universities, colleges, hospitals, restaurants, country clubs and caterers. Our executive team has over 30 combined years of success in finding the most dedicated and talented staff for the hospitality industry.

Acrobat Outsourcing provides our Food & Beverage and Hospitality Staffing segment's customers with trained, qualified staff that meet their standards.

Food & Beverage and Hospitality Staffing

We understand how difficult it can be to find dedicated staff you can rely on. By way of our subsidiary, Acrobat Outsourcing, The Service Companies is one of the few nationwide suppliers of trained, food and beverage professionals. We work with our customers to unite them to the highest quality staff in the industry. From housemen to room attendants, banquet servers, stewards, pool or laundry attendants and almost any service in between, we can have the right supplemental staff ready to serve your customers when you need them. Acrobat Outsourcing is the largest company in the nation providing hundreds of associates for special, large scale events.

Our elite team of Human Resources professionals in key markets across the country along with best-in-class technology and support ensure that our customers are connected to the best trained, legal workforce in your property.

Customers We Serve:

Our Selection Process:

Acrobat Outsourcing is committed to providing its customers with the best in hospitality staff. To accomplish this and provide a superior customer service, we have developed a rigorous selection process that ensures each Acrobat Outsourcing associate is trained and prepared for any role.

Our selection process includes an application that includes written testing, oral interviews, and reference verification. We process background checks, E-Verify and provide references to clients upon request. After completing the interview process, each employee completes our 3-hour custom training course, Acrobat Academy, which introduces accepted candidates to all areas of event set-up, fine and casual dining, restaurant services, catering services, as well as many other areas of hospitality.

As part of our training process, associates are provided access to TiPS, ServSafe, LEAD and other food service certification trainings. We consistently maintain each of our 3,000+ active staff members’ profiles and field performance based on client feedback from previous jobs.


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