Specialty Services

Through our subsidiary, JRS International, an Avendra approved contractor, The Service Companies provides specialty services to the luxury hospitality industry. For 40 years, the JRS International team has been the expert in this field, servicing nearly half of the AAA Five Diamond properties in the United States. Its industry leading record of safety and cleanliness ensure properties consistently look their best.

Our wide range of specialty services is provided to hotels, casinos and resorts by JRS International. These services include:

Window & Chandelier Cleaning

Chandelier Cleaning

As the focal point in any room, a gleaming chandelier brings a space to life. Our technicians at JRS International have extensive experience working with delicate pieces such as Schonbeck, Baccarat, Waterford, Moreno and Chihuly. We have been cleaning such pieces of art for over 20 years with an unmatched safety and cleanliness record.

Window Cleaning

With our 40+ years of window cleaning experience, you can be confident that our window cleaners at JRS International are well seasoned experts in their field. With an industry leading record of safety and cleanliness, the JRS International team is capable of window washing for indoor, outdoor, high rise, low rise and everywhere in between windows and mirrors.

Floor Care

Whether your floors are marble, tile, wood, carpet, vinyl or concrete, we'll make sure that they look their very best. JRS International is the leader in floor care for the hospitality industry -- our results prove it. We've spent years honing our technique and spend hours training our staff in the best ways to care for any type of flooring.

Marble Floor Care and Restoration

JRS International specializes in the care and restoration of marble floors. Our team of experts will repair any damaged marble via our three step restoration process: diamond grinding, sealant application and buffing -- guaranteeing a shine that mirrors the marble's original luster. For each property, we start off with a full assessment of the floor types to determine a floor schedule and equipment needs, while working with Ecolab to spec out the right chemicals and cleaning processes for all surfaces. To maintain the sheen, we polish the marble every day using either natural polish, crystallization or vitrification materials according to your preference and exacting standards.

Certified Pool Cleaning and Maintenance

A clean, sparkling pool is one of the most inviting images for a residential community. Turn to JRS International's professionals to help you with this critical service! Our team cleans thousands of pools every day across the country. You can trust us to always have the most professional, trained Pool Technicians in the industry.

Exterior Maintenance and Caulking

As important as it is to keep the interiors of your hotel, casino and resort looking their best, equally important is keeping your building exteriors gleaming through periodic maintenance and recaulking. JRS’ team expertly provide these services to high rise, low rise and every building in between with unmatched safety and cleanliness.